Author Topic: KJ6JKL in Thailand first time !  (Read 715 times)

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KJ6JKL in Thailand first time !
« on: February 04, 2015, 10:03:14 AM »
Greetings RAST,

KJ6JKL in Thailand for first time looking for operators and trying to understand radio environment.
Will only be in country for another week from today.  Will be getting together with Expats in Chiangmai
to see how many are active. So far have found plenty of licensed Thai operators (online) but only a few
English speaking expats and others.  As yet do not know of an IRLP frequency / location except perhaps
in Bangkok.  Did not bring my handheld Yeasu but don't have a Thai license either. 

Was told by one HAM that atmospheric conditions rarely good for HF so he stopped trying.  I am proud that
you have a club and are keeping the craft alive.  73 yo you all !

Jaime Yarbrough
W6HY - Del Norte county, Crescent City, California US.

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Re: KJ6JKL in Thailand first time !
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2015, 07:19:50 PM »
Hey Jaime,

Just replied you via email. I'm not free tomorrow but we can catch up with a cold beer at the weekend. Let me know.

73, Marcus
Marcus, Chiang Mai