Author Topic: August RAST meeting at new location: N-Siri Resort and Hotel in Lumlukka  (Read 1517 times)

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The August 5 RAST meeting will be held at the N-Siri Resort and Hotel in Lumlukka (GPS coordinates: 13 degrees 56'15.89"N, 100 degrees 41'44.21"E) which is to the north of Bangkok and is most easily reached via the eastern ring road (Kanchanapisek Road). This was announced at the July meeting. As usual, the meeting will begin at around 11 a.m. and a buffet lunch will be served.
 This resort ( will become the location of a second or alternate HS0AC club station and during (or after) the meeting there will be a tour of the operating room for this station, while the N-Siri hotel has full meeting facilities and will also provide convenient accommodation for operators during 24-hour contests
 Directions: To get there, take the Kanchanapisek eastern outer ring road and head north (you can access this highway best from central Bangkok by taking the Chalong Rat expressway that links Sukhumvit Soi 50 with the ring road, joining it shortly before you reach the Lumlukka exit).
 Exit the ring road onto the Lumlukka road (route 3312), heading west in the direction of Don Meuang. Proceed for 1.3 kilometres and make a U-turn, driving back towards the ring road for around 275 metres and then turn left into the road (next to a pedestrian overpass) that leads to the Tanyatanee golf course.
 The N-Siri Resort and Hotel is some 500 metres in this soi on your left. There is a map at the N-Siri website:
 Representatives of the RAST committee will bring members up to date on developments regarding amateur radio issues and brief those present on any forthcoming activities, as well as answering questions anyone might have.
 Looking forward to seeing you at this meeting.
  Tony, HS0ZDX