Author Topic: Is RAST lobbying for new laws & regulations?  (Read 6700 times)

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Is RAST lobbying for new laws & regulations?
« on: March 12, 2012, 11:34:28 AM »
Some laws seem to be dated and should be amended, updated or scrapped. In a world of sat nav, cell phones with internet access and ways to scramble military communications, does Thailand need to rely on draconian laws?
    *possession of 50 Ohm coax cable?

    *possession of some commercial VHF hand held like the FT-60?[/li]

*illegal import of the above or some other transceiver which is mass produced?

*allowing modern transceivers in although 50 Mhz are not permitted for amateur radio use. (Wouldn't we respect that and no use that frequency? We care for the best transceivers money can buy. We care about HF and contesting and or DXing etc. Imagine a world where cars with turbochargers, with EFI, with twin cams and more than two valves per cylinder were banned.

*Then there are a lot more transceivers on the market than "approved" based on this list here.

WOUXUN? BAOFANG? Q..... to name just some Chinese brands of H-Ts. They start at $ 45.50 on for a copy of the Yaesu VX-1R (or VX-3R). And at huge cost, who is gonna apply for type approval testing?

AESAN rules, international standards (like the FCC's approval)... Why not accept those?
The "Euro 4" norm of an Audi is not being questioned, is it?

Streamlining those rules and regulations would benefit the regulatory agency as well.
or do those officials really want draconian laws which are bizarre?

Hoping for the wind of change to be blowing strongly this year, after the terrible desaster to the country and to HS0AC!

73s, Chris HS0ZFE
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