Author Topic: formerly HS3AB, HS2AIG, HS3AIG (1967-75) HS0ZHI ...glad to be back!  (Read 1325 times)

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Just returned from USA December now in Doi Saket near Chiang Mai near the superstation of HS0ZIA...will be on the air soon on HF...


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Nice to see you back old timer! I am HSOZBG (Don) and live in Sakon Nakhon. I am a missionary so I do not have weekends very often to join the RAST meetings but love hearing news and joining in the activities when I can.

Sounds like you are one of the ones who helped to establish Amateur Radio here back in the days when it was very difficult.  I guess I am a johnny come lately getting into Thai Amateur Radio world in the early 90s.

Hope to meet sometime if our paths cross!

Don Craft,