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HS0AC in IOTA contest
« on: August 09, 2011, 04:21:19 AM »
I had the pleasure to be single opr. in the RSGB IOTA-contest on 30-31.july.2011, from our nice clubstation at the AIT.
Firstly used the Yaesu ft1K, but seems to be some interferance-noise on 40m. band, so used instead the nice Kenwood TS-950 for that band.
It only had a 1.4 khz. diviation between the rx & tx, so had to use the rit to fix that problem.
Mostly Im a CW opr, and all contacts were in cw, but after the test I use the mike on 40m to call a danish friend, and got a report on the nice 40m gear, but only one way...
Worked 133 contacts, in 38 zones in the IOTA-contest - the log-program tells me..(not checked up at this time yet..)
At the same periode checked in at the hotel-facility, and booked a single room for two nights w/o brkfst..
Had a start on 19 hrs, and took the zzz in my room at 22 hrs untill 0300 hrs. then radio again to the end. Nice contest, but lack of good HF-cndx.
Food intake on the hotel, 2 x breakfast, and 2 x dinner - nice, good and low price.
This was a weekend in memory forever, but only met Finn oz1het. Next time perhaps more hams will join in ????
rgds and vy 73 de OZ1FJB Lars....Subsubun/Pu Toi....and in Denmark most of the time..sawadee  ::)