Author Topic: Someone to test/repair/re-calibate my TS-850S?  (Read 2136 times)

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Someone to test/repair/re-calibate my TS-850S?
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:08:23 PM »
I own a TS-850S for the past few years, although I have never made extensive use of this rig.

Recently, I took part in the ILLW event, but my TS-850S failed to make any QSOs at all, even though I was able to make QSOs with my 3 watt PSK rig.

The TS-850S is generating power output etc, but in view of the number of years that I've owned it, I would like a qualified person to give it a complete test and re-calibration etc, to return it to 100% correct operation.

Is there any RAST member who is competent to perform this work?  Of course, a realistic payment by me will be made for this work and component costs etc.