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Suggestions for other changes
« on: June 07, 2013, 05:25:46 AM »
There are two changes that I would like to see RAST push for with the NBTC:
1) allowing amateur use of DTMF codes.  This would enable Thai hams to better utilize some features in Echolink when using Echolink in Link or Repeater modes.

2) allowing amateur radio "Third party" privileges.  The issue of third party traffic involves two important points IMHO.
2a) a formal written definition of "third party" traffic.  (Pardon my ignorance if the Thai authorities have done this already.  If so, could someone please find, translate, and post it on the RAST website in English.)
2b) allowing third party traffic would be helpful for emergency communications.  (Pardon my ignorance again if the Thai authorities do permit third party traffic during times of emergency.  If they do, can someone find, translate, and post it on the RAST website in English.)

I recall seeing announcements last Fall that RAST was carry some suggestions to discuss changes with the NBTC, but could not find any information about who or where to send suggestions.  At the time, I was having internet connection issues and in the midst of moving so didn't have more time to pursue these suggestions.  The dust has finally settled enough to re-establish regular internet access, so I hope the "better late than never" clause can be applied here.