Author Topic: Homebrew 700 W Amp with tuner in Pattaya @ 2,000 Baht plus free antenna  (Read 1563 times)

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The Amp is both, transistorized and homebrew. Moreover, Rudi says it needs "a fuse" but was working fine.  It comes with a tuner.

Rudi also has a groundplane antenna for 6 bands. It's yours for free when you take it down.

Wile I am still waiting for photographs, he sent me something to give us an idea how that looks what he  is selling.

Rudi speaks German, his wife speaks Thai. Please call me with questions

Mobile Phone: 086 066 7264
Skype: rudisalzbrenner
for English: call Chris at 082 5766 516 or send an e-mail to

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More info or movement? Please inform,I'm waiting for. Thanks

de nida Chiangmai