Author Topic: Hello, Happy New Year Gift of Free Weather lessons  (Read 2186 times)

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Hello, Happy New Year Gift of Free Weather lessons
« on: April 25, 2011, 10:02:42 PM »
Sawadee Pi Mai สวัสดีปีใหม่
Respectful Greetings from the North!

My name is Greg, HS0ZHM / KI6GIG, living at about 19N, 100E.  I am a relatively new Ham, retired Professor Emeritus of Geography and relocated from the US (Hawaii).  Unfortunately, I struggle to learn Thai and haven't been very successful so far.  However, in celebration of the Thai New Year, I would like to make a gift of MEWS (Mobile Emergency Weather Station) lessons to Thai radio amateurs.

Although I am new to Ham radio with little practical operating experience, I embrace the amateur radio idea of community service and helping others.  To try to make a contribution to amateur radio, I have prepared a series of lessons about weather observation.  The examples in the lessons use data for Nan Province where I live.  But anyone can readily get similar data for their Province or country.
I created a system I call MEWS (Mobile Emergency Weather Station).  I am offering them to the amateur radio operators free of charge for NON-COMMERCIAL USE.  At this time, these lessons are only in English.  I am writing you to ask for your help to 1) to publicize the free availability of these lessons to any and all interested amateur radio operators; 2) to seek volunteers willing to translate these lessons to Thai (full credit for the translation work will be included in the presentations).
In times of disaster, official weather stations in the affected area may no longer function.  Or there may be no station in the area at all.  Local Hams, if trained in making weather observations could provide this vital information to relief / rescue authorities.  Weather data affects logistics planning in for food, shelter, clothing, access to the area and many other aspects of relief work.  Helicopters are a common asset and often the first over the disaster area.  MEWS lessons include specific weather data relating to helicopter flight operations.

I have attached a list of the lessons.  They are PDF slide shows divided into Basic and Advanced levels.  Hams can study these on their own at home.  Basic weather observations require little equipment....just a thermometer and magnetic compass.  The other materials (mainly reference tables and charts) are included in a MEWS Observer Handbook.  Basic MEWS Observers do not need to spend much money in order to do the work.  I envision Hams trained in MEWS to be able to transmit weather reports following the MEWS data log form to relief authorities.  If helicopters involved in relief flight operations carry VHF radios capable of amateur frequencies, 2-way communication with MEWS trained Hams can help improve flight safety.  MEWS trained Hams could directly support local emergency helicopter landing zones.
Phat (HS1WFK) did a brief Thai version of the introduction to MEWS.  It can be found with the other MEWS lessons on the website for the Rural Training Center-Thailand.

On the website is a lesson directory and instructions about how to access the lessons.  I just completed the MEWS Handbook in time for the New Year.  It has been posted to the same site and will be available free of charge for non-commercial use. 

To access the MEWS lessons, visit  Then click on

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Re: Hello, Happy New Year Gift of Free Weather lessons
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2011, 08:05:02 AM »
Dear Greg,

You are invided to present at our monthly meeting in Bangkok.

RAST - The Radio Amateur Society of Thailand holds a monthly meeting each 1st Sunday of a month in Saphan Khwai, Sena Place Hotel, Phaholyothin road Soi 14, 11am onwards with an official meeting starting from 13:00 - lunch buffet is serve from the hotel for 280 Baht.

Looking forward to listen to your presentation.

73 de HS0ZFZ

HS0ZFZ   - Swen

HS    EME#6

QTH: OK03jt

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Re: Hello, Happy New Year Gift of Free Weather lessons
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2011, 03:29:07 PM »
Dear Swen,
Thanks for your kind invitation.  I regret that I must decline due to the long distance and added costs of travel to BKK from the north (Nan).  We rarely have reason to journey down that way.  We are also getting ready for the planting season so work schedules are busy.

I would like to suggest visiting and scrolling down the left column to the section titled "RTC-TH EmComm / EmPrep / GERC-AI " and looking at the MEWS PDFs titled "MEWS: Brief Intro (Thai Version)" and "OA MEWS: A Brief Introduction" (which is in English).  Perhaps one of these presentations can be shown at the meeting. 

The lessons were all intended for self-study, so the text / graphics are relatively self-explanatory.  The idea was to empower survivors who have a vested interest in helping those who are coming to their aid by providing relevant weather data for relief flights into the disaster area and to relief planners to coordinate weather dependent logistics and supplies when on-site weather data was not available.

Thanks again for your interest and kind invitation. 
Best wishes to all Thai amateurs.
Greg, HS0ZHM

PS. I have received word that amateur groups in Kenya and Mexico are publicizing the lessons in their newsletters to their members this month.