Author Topic: They are lurking in the shadow and only come out for a quickie with good OPs  (Read 949 times)

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Yesterday, all HF bands appeared dead. Not one QSO to be heard in the CW section of the bands. 7 mhz, 14, 21, ... The Finn OZ1HET the station manager of hS0AC took over and started doing his QRQ thing and like The Rat Cathcer of Hameln he lured those who were dwelling in the S9 noise floor to have rapid fire QSOs. It was all over in minutes - and when I resumed my calling, only JR3TOE was having a QSO. TNX Kiyoshi-san!

How are you beginners doing in the cold world out there?

Good DX and pleasant QSOs at whatever speed!

73 de Chris HS0ZFE
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