Author Topic: An oxymoron? NTC insisting that HS0AC uses "licrensed equipment on 6 m"  (Read 6501 times)

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Guys, correct me if I'm wrong. Is there any such equipment at hS0AC or elsewhere?

Just wondering, because modern transceivers seem to have the 6 m band.

Make its use or abuse punishable by amputating the hand of the offending op. But allow us to import and then use the very best equipment money can buy!

E2E levels the playing field. but make no mistake about national champions using high end gear. Take a look at Jerry's shack: Elecraft K3 next to an Icom 7800  ::)  :-X

Money matters. There have been huge advances in receiver design and DSP. The Icom 7800 has 4 32 bit DSP processors on board! While Hs0AC's top transceiver is a FT-1000 MP Mark V. Yesterday, I looked at and wondered about some of their mods for the FT 1000 MP.

My appeal to the NTC is to permit Hs0AC to get high end stations. To not operate on 6 meters without permission goes without saying. Besides, I haven't see that homebrew 6 m antenna there...

Who is coming to participate in the CQ WW SSB contest late October?Be there or be square!
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