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The adventure begins!
« on: April 07, 2010, 01:33:52 PM »
It was a pleasure to meet fellow amatuers at the club meeting this past Sunday.  It is my honor to join such an honorable group to persue a hobby for which I have not had much time lately.

For those I not meet, please to permit me to tell a little about me.  My current home QTH is Orlando Florida USA, a very MIckey Mouse place.   Before that I was resident of the Great Lakes in Pennsylvania where I obtain my "3" call in 1970.   In 1994 I had enough of snow and relocated to 4 land (SE USA).   

Over the years I have always worked in technology of one type or the other.  Yes, I am old enough to know how to dip a plate.  (and I don't mean dinner plate to my younger friends)  My current employement is with our State government in law enforcement communications and computer crime.  Watching me try to use a  computer sometimes should be a crime.  ::)

At times my hobby of amatuer radio became to much like work.  Now that retirement is closer I hope to make many QSL and new friends from HS0 land.   My exact date for retirment and relocation is yet to be set, but soon I hope. 

My other hobbies include pretty women, eating tasty food, pretty women, traveling, pretty woman, power boating, pretty women, reading, and did I mention... pretty women? 

In the LOS my QTH is M6 Soi Siam Country Club road (Park Village) Pattaya.  Unfortunately the townhouse does not have enough room for beam or dipoles for HF... maybe a vertical if I can get some grounding.   Once I am here full time my desire is to locate a small bungalow house with a yard and some space for antennas.  Time and retirement budget will tell when and where.   

Anyone who wish to contact me, my radio oriented email is Wb3kvh at yahoo dot com.   

73s   L. Karl Hahn

Oh, I do have one question after the club meeting... does HS0ZCW ever stop talking?   Hi Hi    ;D

Thanks again all for the warm hospitality!!!   And hope to hear you soon...