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Darragh E. McCluer, WA6IKS/HS0ZAG SK
« on: February 19, 2010, 08:57:59 PM »
WA6IKS/HS0ZAG, Darragh E. McCluer, passed away on January 29th.  He
was 60.  "Darragh was a resident of Thailand for many years and had a
key role in the establishment of legal Amateur Radio there, and in the
development of RAST club station HS0AC on the campus of the Asian
Institute of Technology", says K3ZO, Fred Laun.  Darragh was one of
two US Amateur Radio operators to be handed his Thai license by the
Director General of the Posts and Telegraphs Department during a past
Southeast Asia Net (SEANET) Convention.  "Those of us involved through
the years in the development of the Amateur Radio Service in Thailand
will sorely miss our departed colleague, without whose concerted
efforts Thailand might today be much more difficult to work on the HF
bands", remembers Fred.  <From The Daily DX  Feb 19, 2010>
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