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« on: October 28, 2009, 04:01:21 PM »
Hey OM,

Just to introduce myself as new owner of a HS license . My name is Eddy and my homecall is on4afu , I am also the owner of the call xu7afu. I have my HS license since 5 october 2009 . I am a member of the UBA and licenced for about 25 years. Now I am also member of RAST and have been a few times to RAST meetings in BKK.
As Ham I have been very active all the years as well VHF as HF . Now mainly HF by  contesting, DX-ing and organising DX-peditions with South Flanders DX group ( SFDXG). I am a 100% CW operator, so never work SSB . I like to build my own antennes .
Every year I am for 2-3 months in Thailand and my qth here is Pathui (Chumpon) where I also will build up my radiostation in junari 2010 . For the next three years the antennes will be maily wire antennes but my intensions are to stay permanent in HS after my retirement (in abt 3 years) and to put up "real" antennes later.
My profession is radiooperator - fieldengineer specialised in ILS ( Instrument Landing Systems) and underground radiocommunications (Tunnels)

Thanks for reading and hpe to contact you soon .
73  Eddy hs0zjf
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Re: hsOzjf
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Great to hear of hams who have some knowledge to pass around. Welcome!