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I am staying in Thailand 7. March 2009 - 7. April 2009.
As a very active HF-amateur it would be an unforgettable experience to be able to use the station HS0AC for nice qsos and it would also be nice to be able to meet some local hams.

I understand that at the moment it is quite difficult/impossible for a foreigner to get a license to be air? (Finland is not one of the few special license agreement countries)

My first plans were to bring my FT-897D and a windom in the suitcase but I am leaving them at home after reading further info on rig limitations and import fees.

The opportunity to spend a couple of afternoons in the HS0AC-station would be a great honor. I am an experienced hf-operator and I like to run qso-marathons ;)

What sort of equipment is at the station?
I read that you have to be a member of RAST to be able to use the station?
Is this membership something that is possible to take care of at the club when I meet someone there?
Who do I contact about this?
Please if you have more info on this it would be of high interest to me...

But most importantly I am looking for people who have access and know the correct people to contact!
I have sent a few e-mails but don't have responses yet...

Kind regards;

Niko Arola

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Dear OM Niko,

Welcome to the forum!
I think it is very possible to have your unforgettable experience using the clubstation HS0AC and meeting local HAMs  :)

The clubstation is pretty well equipped (I am not the expert on the inventory, but I will try to name a few pieces of inventory): FT1000 MarkV 2 units, 2 towers of which one with a tribander beam 10-15-20m and one tower with monobander 15m, plus a load of other antenna (Swen and others will be able to give you a much better description of what to expect).
Besides the clubstation is located in a nice university campus, the building is nice and spacy and has AIRCO which is great in this period of the year... I am sure you will enjoy working from the clubstation.

Practical arrangements:  First you would need to become a RAST member and meet some fellow's HAMs to take you to the station.
To become rast member you can fill in and scan the membership application document, add a scan of passport pics, and your passport. You can also just take the papers with you and give them to another HAM to submit them. Also you should pay the fee (2100 baht - you can do this in Thailand or via international bank transfer) and provide proof of payment.

I will PM you my phone and email so you can contact me after you arrive

73 de ON8JA Alexander