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« on: October 10, 2008, 09:10:04 AM »
Can anyone point me in the direction to a document or web page etc. that contains the operating procedures here in LOS, for example what callsign suffixes are the correct ones, ie. /M, /MM, /A, /P etc. also the frequency with which we are supposed to transmit our callsign (even if it's in Thai I can get it translated).

There are lots of questions like this that I keep coming up with and usually have to resort to PM'ing someone on this forum, it would be beneficial if these kind of issues/questions were documented to ensure that we, as guests in this country, adhere to the law of the land.



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Re: Legalities
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Hi Dave

To use a station mobile you allso need a license for the car, If you do not have that then you can not work /p /m or no license for the boat /mm

I have a license for HF and VHF for my car and so does 2 more guys but then its only VHF guys out there what I know
If the car is not yours you need a written permission from the owner that you can install the radio same as in the house license.