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RAST Membership Application
« on: September 17, 2008, 09:10:41 AM »
The left-hand menu bar of the main RAST webpage offers two 'buttons' for RAST membership application.

The upper option, "Application form to join RAST", when 'clicked', returns an application form for a Krung Thai Bank Card primarily, and secondarily, an application for RAST membership.

The second option, "Application for new RAST membership card", apparently, returns an identical form to the previous option.

Neither option indicates where the form and the fee should be submitted. Although one can guess this information from another menu option.

Unnecessary details (blood type, etc.), which may being required for a (Thai) bank card (I've never needed to provide this level of personal invasion for any of my 'Gold' VISA, AMEX, nor Master Card cards), these details are, in my opinion, quite inappropriate for an Amateur Radio Club application.

Why are there two identical but separate options for RAST Membership? Is there any difference between these two forms that I'm missing? And, why is there not a more 'focused' application form for joining, JUST, RAST, with no bank card involved?

Thank you for your read.

-Chris Stanford (VA6CS)