Author Topic: Do you have an HF rig (and more!) for sale - No NTC sticker is OK! (For export)  (Read 217 times)

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Does anyone (preferably in the Bangkok area) have a working HF rig (mobile or base-station) for sale (covering 6 metres is a bonus!)?

I now live and work in Myanmar (Burma), and I will come to Bangkok on Thursday 20th July, and return to Myanmar on Sunday 23rd July.

If possible, I want to purchase (for cash), a working HF rig and take it back with me to Myanmar. (So it does not need to have an NTC sticker)

** I already have a resident's amateur radio licence in Myanmar - the first resident's ham licence issued since 1964!!

If you can help, please send me an email at

Please let me know if you also have any HF test equipment (SWR meter) or HF antenna for sale.

Thanks - Simon

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Sent you email, Simon.
Marcus, Chiang Mai