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Imported directly by me from DX Engineering in the USA, this 'massive' vertical antenna is designed for operation on 80, 75 and 40mb, BUT also operates extremely well on 30mb, 20mb, 15mb and high bands, (as I have verified).

(Edit:  I forgot to mention that I also purchased the 30mb add-on, vertical wire kit for this antenna).

The antenna can handle 5KW of power, and it uses a tilt-over construction.  It is 55 feet in height, but is free-standing!  No guy lines are required and my antenna easily survived rainy season storms in Phuket.

Since this is a vertical antenna, you should use ground radial wires.  I laid down only a few radials and got great DX results.

The antenna is easily assembled in a day, and full instructions are provided.

For 80/75mb, there is a capacitance hat, so that the antenna can be tuned to the low end of 80mb for operation in Thailand.

After installing this antenna, I was able to measure SWRs no higher than 1.2 across all operating bands!

For operation on 160mb, it is possible to add a horizontal wire to the top of the antenna, and strung to a supporting tree.  You need an 80mb trap at the top of the antenna.

I bought a customised trap for just this purpose, and I will provide this at no extra cost.

I also have the DX Engineering radial plate and screws, and I will provide this at no extra cost.

The antenna can be shipped anywhere in Thailand by EMS, or I can deliver it to your QTH anywhere in Thailand for the price of my petrol and a few beers.

To fully appreciate the quality of this antenna and how well this antenna it performs, please check out the manufacturer's details here:

and reviews here:

Now for the asking price :)

My antenna condition is almost as new - very good cosmetic condition and fully operational.

The manufacturer's retail price is about $1,000 (34,600 THB)

I paid a small fortune in shipping costs (due to the antenna weight)

I also paid another small fortune in import tax to the nice people at Thai Customs..

In total, I paid about $60,000 THB to purchase and import this magnificent antenna into Thailand.

I will sell it for the best offer that I receive to the original purchase price of 34,600 THB.  This is a fair asking price because the antenna is almost 'as new', and there is no way that you could buy this antenna from DX Engineering without paying about another 30,000 THB in shipping and import duties :)

Anyway, if you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at 0900033945 or simonluttrell AT yahoo DOT com
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