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SOLD!! - Norcal Sierra Wilderness QRP rig with 6 band modules
« on: September 01, 2016, 08:51:02 AM »
I am selling a Norcal Sierra Wilderness QRP transceiver (constructed from kit), with KC2 counter/keyer module and constructed band modules for 3.5MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz, 14MHz (u/s), 17MHz and a kit for 21MHz module.

With the exception of the 14MHz band module, the unit is in very good working order. I bought this transceiver several years ago from a US seller, and then stored it whilst waiting to install my antenna system, and to learn CW. Although my antenna system is now installed, unfortunately, I have not learnt CW (apart from a very basic level). Although I would love to improve my CW and use this rig, realistically this will not happen. So I am selling the transceiver and hope to purchase a QRP, SSB transceiver.

The transceiver is fully built (except for the 21MHz module), and includes the KC2 digital frequency display and keyer option). The transceiver has been recently aligned and then tested on my new, low-band, antenna system, and reports received for 3.5MHz, 7MHz and 10MHz modules.

For 17MHz module, I have tested it against my mobile, HF installation and signals are received fine and transmit fine.

The 14MHz module does have a problem that was present before my original purchase of the rig. The seller suggests that the crystal itself is faulty on that module.

The 21MHz module is not yet constructed, but 90% of the components (pcb, crystal, coils, trimcaps etc) seem to be present. The build and operating manual for the rig and the digital frequency display/keyer is also supplied, as is a DC power cord.

The rig has been little-used since purchase, and has been stored in a box in a dry, non-smoking environment. The rig is currently at my QTH on Phuket Island, Thailand. It will be shipped by registered EMS and securely-packed. Asking price is $250 ono including shipping.

Please contact me at 0900033945 or simonluttrell AT yahoo DOT com
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