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DX'ing in Thailand
« on: July 21, 2015, 08:50:55 PM »
Hello folks.

I'm investigating what the Thai law has to say about radio reception in Thailand.
I have just built a house just north of Nakhon Sawan, witch I go to a couple of times a year.
At home in Sweden, I'm a very eager DX'er.
That means that I listen very much on mediumwave and shortwave, and practically everything else available.

In Sweden, we are very spoiled with the ether being absolutely free.
From what I understand, this is NOT the case in Thailand.
I'm trying to get a grip of what I really CAN listen to in Thailand.
My idea was to erect some antennas, and perhaps bring some equipment.
I don't want to start anything illegal, so therefor I want to check out what IS legal.

I have looked around on the web, but not found very much concerning reception only.
I thought that someone here might be able to provide me with some information.
From what I have found, the so called "full coverage" receivers eg ICOM PCR-1500, are NOT allowed, is this correct?
What about VHF/UHF scanners in general?
What bands MAY I listen to, eg shortwave, airband, ADS-B, APT weather sats, etc?
Or perhaps it's easier to say what I may NOT listen to, eg police, public safety, whatever?
Do I need some kind of permit to raise a ca 10m mast next to the house to mount the antennas in?

For now, I don't qualify to get a reciprocal radio certificate, in case that would help.
That will perhaps come later.

Any information in this matter would be highly appreciated.

All the best regards.
Bertel Andresen
Gothenburg, Sweden
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand