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Title: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZLJ on February 25, 2014, 09:17:48 PM
Hi guys,

Happy the forum is back online after the change of the domain. And thanks for the help from Champ to get my license as well as from Swen, to get my rig finally imported. As the question was asked before, here are some updated information on how to do the import and registration yourself, from Feb 2014. Work in progress.

First, please read about the several steps necessary to get yourself going in TH. It's basically (1) the Operator's License Application (NBTC+RAST letter), the (2) Import License (NBTC), (3) the Import+Customs (Red Channel at the Airport), (4) the equipment test (NBTC) and (5) the Station License Application (NBTC) in this sequence.

Step by step :)

(1) Operators License
I think a lot of information is available on how to get the Operators License. Just one remark: Although I suppose it can be done by an individual, a letter of recommendation is necessary. RAST will provide such a letter and can help with the application process. Particularly if you can't read/write Thai and don't know the process. Simplest way to do it if you're in Bangkok, join one of the RAST monthly meetings, catch up with the folks and you will be helped :). Thanks to Champ here who was of great help. I got my Op's license in Sept. 2013 (HS0ZLJ)

(2) Import License
Once you have your call, you need to go to NBTC, building 1, for the import license. That's the one on the very right with the small roundabout in front. Bring documentation for your RIG (doesn't need to be the manual, some tech specs are sufficient, as long as they can identify it and find it in their database), if possible a copy of the serial number, and a printout of the list of type approved equipment from RAST (just in case). You don't want to import anything not on that list due to high cost for new type approval (~27kTHB AFAIK). The desk in question is when you enter the building on the ground floor on the very left side. Good to bring some Thai speaker as they first wanted to extend my Op's license, then wondered because it was new. Took a bit of explanation even for a Thai (wife). Got them busy for a bit until everybody was on the same page. If they have the rig in the database they will fill out the necessary paperwork, hand you a bill which needs to be paid on the second floor. 214B. Bring the receipt back to the guy on the ground floor and you're done for the day. The import license is ready for collection the next day, same desk.

(3) Import and Customs
To import the equipment you basically need to bring the hardware itself, the import license from (2) and a pro-forma invoice, so the customs (red channel at arrival at Suvarnabhumi, go to counter 3, it's on the the right exit, where they have their office) can charge you properly. I used my PayPal invoice that I luckily still had in my old mailbox, it was from 2006 from Ebay. The accept that but one customs guy made the remark it would be cheap. Told him it is 10 years old, was ok. They will here likely make the mistake to take the equipment for new and as commercial import. Actually they tried to send me to some central customs office and wanted to refer me to whatever agency. Took a couple of minutes to clarify it is for personal use, not commercial. The license (blue) card helped and one lady spoke ok Englisch and then got my point. They will charge 37% import tax, but there is obviously some negotiation range. TiT :). You need to pay the tax on the spot and you need to get a blue receipt. Single small  piece of paper with the duty paid and stamped. They did not stamp anything else. Packing tape provided after short inspection. Overall ~30 mins. Quite efficient, but was midday, not many people. (On a sidenote, you can still grab a taxi from the departure level, way faster than queuing at the regular stand)

(4) Equipment Test / Inspection
As I arrived around 2pm back home after the flight there was still enough time to throw the box in the car and bring it to NBTC for inspection. Here you need to go to building 3, different from the license office. It's the building basically at the end, opposite the entrance, behind the bigger on in the middle. It has a 3 at the entrance, the others have Thai numbers. You can park on the green field in the middle, just in front. Straight inside, there is a half round desk on the right. Approach one of the ladies with the import license as well as the customs paper. She will probably first not know what it's all about and send you to the license building (No.1), but I explained to her I have the box for testing in the car. She got then one older guy from the back office and he knew. Brought the box inside, opened it up, short check and some papers to fill in. Besides the import license and customs paper they also need that pro-forma invoice. They asked also for a manual which I did not bring, "mai pen rai" :). Took about 45mins, they did some crosscheck, then told me all ok. Should come back next week to pick it up. As I'm going back to CNX this Saturday I asked if Friday would also be ok to which they agreed. That's 3 days for the inspection.

That was today, overall, besides the language hurdles, a quite good experience. Will continue with the next steps :)

Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZFZ on February 27, 2014, 10:08:01 AM
HI Marcus,

sound like a perfect run thru the jungle! Well done!

But I still think the 37% are still quite high anyhow all good so far!


73 de hs0zfz


Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZLJ on February 27, 2014, 11:26:53 PM
Well, let's see if I get it back by tomorrow. Perhaps it just exploded :). The rig was stored in the box for 3 years....crossing fingers.
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZLJ on February 28, 2014, 08:13:55 PM
And the story continues...

Went back to NBTC this afternoon and got my FT1000 back. Not sure if they really touched it or just put a stamp on the paper. The power cable at least was untouched :).

Put the box back in the car and the same time my folder with all the paperwork flow away. Must have lost my license card then, could not find it afterwards. The guys at building 3 also did not find it, but were calling around. Nice folks.

Anyway, I went to the license building, the small one on the very right side, it's actually building 2 or at least has a number 2 above the entrance. Some lady directly approached my even before I entered and they were all very helpful, with my few words of Thai and their few words of English.

After some 30 mins I was the next on the queue and had to fill in some pink paper with address and rig and so on. Realized my license card was gone and went back to building 3, as above.

It was already 4pm now and their cashier in the second floor had closed. We had some smalltalk, still need also a signature from my wife as she owns the house, so we postponed the whole thing till later. I'll be going back to Chiang Mai for the next 2 weeks, so after this I'll have another try.

Overall the experience was good. Have seen much much worse :). Thumbs up for NBTC!
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZLJ on April 17, 2014, 10:07:28 PM
Haven't updated this, but in the end all was good :)

I was back after one week in CNX and hey, they found my license card. We still had to get through the pink paperwork, at that time I had also the papers signed and required for the station license in Chiang Mai. So we changed all this with these old fashioned whiteners. Unexpected but not unsurprisingly it turned then out that my name was differently spelled on the license card and in the tabien baan (in Thai). Took another 15 minutes to agree we can change that in 4 1/2 years when it expires. So I got the station license, but had to pay 500B more than the expected price. Actually 2 papers, one the license to erect the station and one to use it.

Now it would be cool to have some time in CNX to hang an antenna, but I'm back again in Bangkok...
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZIL on May 01, 2014, 07:56:43 PM
Excellent story how to manage it!!!
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: OZ1FJB / OU2V - Lars on May 18, 2014, 01:56:18 AM
very nice story about getting "In" - but pls tell the story of getting into the air aswell... any pileups ?
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZLJ on May 30, 2014, 05:50:57 PM
Unfortunately not yet on air. Too busy and haven't been in CNX. The Rig collects dust already :).
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: OZ1FJB / OU2V - Lars on June 03, 2014, 12:42:52 PM
Hello again om.
Just to inform you that the biggest contest-station in Thailand is in Chang Mai, - HS0ZIA Bob...
If you dont have time to setup rig, ants etc. - then why not contacting Bob for using his contest-station ?
Good Luck. :)
Title: Re: Importing - DIY - step by step
Post by: HS0ZLJ on July 09, 2016, 08:58:20 PM

very nice story about getting "In" - but pls tell the story of getting into the air aswell... any pileups ?
Oh heck, now that this piles up again....haven't answered :)

I'm on air for a couple of months now. Bit tricky in the moo baan here, not too much space.

I managed first a 20 vertical delta loop, easy exercise. In the mean time extended to 40m, which just scratches at the borders everywhere.

Better than that a 12.5m "temporary" vertical, made of PVC pipe and a fishing rod. It's already half a year ++ old and still looks good. Got bent a bit, but I turned to 180 degrees against the wind. Will last another year or so.

I have a nice 15m tower laying in the garden, thanks Karsten, and a nice Force 12, thanks Swen. Some day it will go up in the air.

Story to be continued :)