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Title: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: Russty on December 20, 2011, 01:22:43 PM
 Hi Members
  Can you please  tell me how often Thai Exams are held . or any source on the web to tell me when they are held and more partularly the Thai HF Licence , is that the Intermediate Licence ?
  Secondly Iam confused with the Thai Licence structure for Licence issueing , what classes of exams are available I believe there are 2 , one being for 2M the other for additional HF allocation
  What Prefix and or suffix distriguishes between the classes , Iam aware of the HS0Z:: as being HF/2M but confused as there are so many vehicles running around with HS callsigns ,
  Any direction to web site would be appriciated

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: Russty on December 22, 2011, 03:53:13 PM
Hi again Guys

  Seems to be just as hard to get replies here than answers  :o

  Maybe the question is vague
  What Thai Callsign in Thailand do I recognise as being a Thai licence with HF priviledge, I see so many HS2### or E21*** callsigns on vehicles here , what determines the licence they have >?
  I have searched googled.yahoo'd and scratched my head why I cannot find any reference to how many different licences are used in Thailand and even more so , what callsign apply to which priviledges?
  If I approach for example HS2PVD , how do I know what license he has ?, or am I confusing the issue , once given a callsign here in Thailand it gives them all frquencies ?
  Amazing though I cannot find any reference to the information on the RAST website other than a reference to reciprical licencing ?
  And importantly I cannot find the modes / frequencies of the bands that can be used ? other than in a reference in the forum which I can say is aurgumentive as they seem to be disputing the refereces ?
  The RAST should put more refereces and information on there web site , I would be expecting that the only way information is sourced is to ask question on the forum and 1/ hope someone replies ...2/ hope the reply is acurate ?

  One thing I have found is thet a HS0z## call for foriegn operators have HF privileges   :-\
  I searched the NTC site however the guy looking at it in thai replied its as vague as the questions I was asking ... again scratching my head  :-\

  Come on guys ... for the sake of the HOBBY here its time the RAST english liason team 1/ update the website with more concise info...  2/make visiting amateur here in thailand more informative on happenings and sourcing information ,,,,   remembering most hams visiting the kingdom only have limited time here , and I know I have spent 1 month here without suceeding in finding only the basic of information not withstanding the fact I have asked the questions here on the RAST forum ?? :D
  I hope sincerely that ham radio hobby here gets a dose of enthisasum and you may find more resposes to the forum ... Maybe opening the recriprical licencing arrangement to countries where the enthisiasm may be generated by holidaying / visiting hams

  Anyway just a thought 
 Happy Haming guys and Merry Christmas

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: paul on December 23, 2011, 10:39:04 AM
 It is not simple here you cant for example operate  vk/HS0 holiday style.Only limited countries from overseas can apply for an hf licence if you want to get on the air when you live here. I agree the main web site should explain every thing about the situation foreigners are in if they want to get a licence or operate from here.
                      73  Paul    HS0ZIN 
Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: HS0ZFZ on December 23, 2011, 12:52:20 PM
Dear Russty,

you got the point

HS0Zxx  - are for foreigners only from reciprocal countries (http://rastforum.com/index.php?topic=418.0)

It's not possible to separate the license here in HS or  E2!!

License Classes: (http://rastforum.com/index.php?topic=683.0)
 (around 220,000 licensed HAM)
3 - classes - but only 2 are open for public

1. Extra class - only 1 license holder which is HS1A
2. Intermediate class - max. Pout= 200W - (2 - 5%)
3. Beginner class - 10W  - (95 - 98 % of license holder are beginner)

The Hamradio exam for the beginner class are held almost every month in different provinces!
BTW the Intermediate class will be re-opened during coming year - after a closure of more then 7 years!!!!! (Believe it or not but it's the truth!)

Bands and modes:
Except AM all modes are allowed!

Intermediate class - 200W:
160m   - 1.8 - 1.825 MHz
80m    - 3.5 - 3.540 MHz  (last 10 KHz also for SSB)
40m   -  7.0 - 7.2 MHz
20m  -  14.0 -14.350 MHz
17m   - 18.068 - 18.168 MHz
15m  - 21.0 - 21.5 MHz
12m  -  24.89 - 24.99 MHz
10m   - 28.0 - 29.7 MHz

2m  -   144 - 146 MHz
70cm - 435 - 438 MHz  (Only RX!!)

Beginner class - 10W:
2m  -   144 - 146 MHz
70cm - 435 - 438 MHz  (Only RX!!)

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: Russty on December 24, 2011, 01:20:50 PM
Hi Swen and Paul and nice to make your aquaintence... :)

  Thanks for the reply however Iam still confused  :)

  Although I now understand the exams are held every month in different provences , is there any actual Thai regulation/study literature available ?

  So ( forget reciprical Licenses , the info is everywhere on the web ) I was asking about Thai licences
  Swen thanks for pointing out the Class of Licences here in Thailand , of which some of my answers are answered , again thanks !

  Swen of the 3 class of licences more particular
  2. Intermediate class - max. Pout= 200W - (2 - 5%)
  3. Beginner class - 10W  - (95 - 98 % of licenses holder are beginner)

  What suffix or indication is there that the Licence on air and issued by NTC has HF or is it known that all licence hams have HF ?
  Iam not indicating my interest in trying to get on air I was more interested in knowing how an overseas operator would distinguish between a legal operator in Thailand
  Would I be right in concluding then that all amateurs in Thailand have HF from 2 & 3 and the only difference between an Intermediate operator and a Beginner is 200 watts and 10W respectively, my conclusion to that is that the Band and mode listed by Swen dosnt indicate Intermediate only therefore Iam assuming 3 Beginner also has those Band / mode allocation however with only 10W
   Guys I appreciate your patince here however Iam finding it very difficult personnally finding the info elsewhere again thanks... :D

   Swen interesting you saying that intermediate Licences have not been examined or open for several years ?.... Iam trying to understand then why are there US licence exams for Thai operators held here  ?.... was that a loop hole for a Beginner to pass the US licence then recipricate thet licence for a Intermediate Licence HS not HS0Z ? as well as be able to operate in the US ?
   Could a operator here in Thailand ( Thai Beginner 3 above... ) sit for or have a US Licence , then be upgraded to an Intermediate licence holder here in Thailand?...   or more interesting could a Thai National not have either 1 and 2 above however obtain his US licence overseas , then return to Thailand and recipricate that licence for a HS intermediate licence without sitting for any Thai intermediate licence exam  ? :-\

  Again thanks ( I know the guys locally I have asked would also like to know these question )

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: HS0ZFZ on December 25, 2011, 11:10:41 AM
Well to be a little more precised the exams which are hold every month are only Beginner license which not incl. HF bands! (I updated the list above!)

The license documentation is only available in print version - which is honestly quite out-of-date - but there will be a updated new version once the intermediate exam is re-opened! I' am right now not sure if this also will be a print version only - or they go digital ;-)   hihi

Once more the licenses are separated into the classes - only into provinces e.g. HS0 and HS1 are Bangkok calls, respective also E20 and E21. It is particular not possible to know the class just from the call - have to check with NBTC or have to see the license.

Call Area's:

HS0 / HS1 /HS2 / E20 / E21 / E22 Bangkok and Chonburi
HS3 / HS4 Northeastern
HS5 / HS6 North
HS7 Middle South
HS8 / HS9 South

In some provinces - especially in Bangkok the HS callsign blocks already out so they started to issue E2 calls!

US Exam in HS
About the US exam it's hold by E21EIC (http://www.e21eic.net) usually to help Thai HAM's to develop and to study HAMRADIO related topic's - recently 4 - 6 HAMS were able to upgrade thru the US license - you could call it a loop hole that's correct. There were also OM how studied abroad got the license in that country once they came back they also could get a intermediate license here.

I hope that this info's are helping you to understand the licensing here back in HS/E2

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: Russty on December 26, 2011, 11:06:03 AM
Hi Swn

  Thanks... :) for the clarification on the class of licences here , I can now see the differences in the classes , as clearly shown by you in the corrected list posted
  This could be a valuable addition to reference material for other hams ( Overseas) who wish to seek out this info , could I suggest to the moderators that a separate Topic ( Possibly under ""LEGAL"" for reference only be introduced on the forum for moderators of the site to add vital and regulatory information as what is shown in your post and update/change accordingly
  Some suggested headings to start with ....1/ Reciprical Licenses ( which as I see is already available )
                                                           2/ Thai National Amateur Licences ( As info you provided above)
                                                           3/ Bandplan for 1/2 above and mode / regulations
                                                           4/ Study material / Thai regulation forms extracts in Pdf or similar
                                                           5/ Licencing /NTC forms
  If the above was introduced Iam sure it would provide the essential information for travelling Hams to the kingdom and if any further information was required then they go to the subjected headings in the forum and ask
  A lot of information regarding the above can be found BUT only if you search out old posts , this suggestion would mean that the info would be readily available under LEGAL for example....

  Anyway just a suggestion and again thanks for your patience

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: HS0ZED on February 22, 2012, 07:08:57 AM
I have a couple of questions that relate to Thai amateur license examinations. This might be more applicable once intermediate class examinations commence again but in any case for either class:

1. Are Thai amateur radio written examinations set in Thai, English, both, or Chinese?
2. Are Thai amateur radio examinations open to Thai nationals only, foreigners from countries with/without existing reciprocal arrangements, all?

Title: Re: Thai Radio Licence Exams
Post by: HS0ZFZ on February 24, 2012, 09:23:17 PM
According to

1. Thai language

2. As this will be still the old format of intermediate exam - incl. Morse code
most likely only Thai will be allowed to take part

The new format and probably also English exam still has to.past NBTC approval -
how knows when that gonna happened.

 RAST got official garant from NBTC for the next intermediate examination which will be held on 15. May 2012.