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Title: RAST and NBTC - New application forms, license, renewal ...
Post by: HS0ZFZ on July 15, 2011, 06:42:58 PM

- Radio Amateur Society of Thailand - Under Patronage of His H.M. The King of Thailand
NBTC - The National Broadcast and Telecommunication Commission of Thailand

Stand:April 2017

      These given costs are brutto RAST or NBTC costs - if somebody would like to seek support there could be further costs involved!

Forms and ( documents needed for application process

0 - RAST Life membership form

      First of all the RAST membership is a pre-condition to get an supporting letter for the callsign application process to NBTC.

1 - Import License - (has to be issued before import - 6 month valid!) -
        Only for OP's from countries with Reciprocal agreement (http://forum.rast.or.th/index.php?topic=418.0)

  NOTE: Only RIG's from these List (http://forum.rast.or.th/index.php?topic=66.0) are proved for import permit by the NBTC.

      General Note: Equipment which will be imported has to be investigated by NBTC officers on a test bench immediately after arrival in Thailand to get the NBTC sticker. Notice this registration and approval can only be done if you paid officially the import duty (up to 5% of proforma invoice but is negotiable!) at customs - receipt necessary (!)

Important!! Do not bring your transmitting equipment to Thailand without first getting your license and obtaining an import permit. This applies to all transceivers, even handhelds. It is illegal to import or to possess such equipment in Thailand without having proper documentation from the authorities. Even if you have a valid amateur radio operating license in Thailand, you need an import permit for a transceiver, which must undergo NBTC inspection, registration, and receive a license (after Customs duty has been paid) before it can be used.

2 - All-in-One  Callsign, RIG registration, Station License, mobil Station license
        Only for OP's from countries with Reciprocal agreement (http://forum.rast.or.th/index.php?topic=418.0)

    HS-Callsign Application
    + Station License
    + RIG Registeration
3 - Callsign renewal (5 years)

4 - Advanced License Upgrade - Callsign, Station License


    Only for OM's who are holding HS Callsign already

       4.1 Callsign - upgrade
       4.2 additional Station License - Upgrade


Illegal equipment - "well we don't care" - be careful each item could cost you 5 years/each in jail - also known as "Bangkok Hilton", including parts as e.g. crystals or devices as PA's and you are caught! These are the laws here in Thailand - HS/E2, if you do NOT have proper Hamradio licenses in Thailand. Be aware that there are also a repair license and measuring equipment license available!!

Illegal RIG's without licenses and that could happened - real story!

Track Record:

02.10.2017 -
Rig Registration - Add document - signed Passport Copy of previous Owner
                - Station License 1000 W on hold - Oct. 2017
19.09.2017 - Re-organized All-in-ONE Document Table
07.06.2017 - add ID card copy Landlord for station upgrade
12.05.2017 - NBTC Form.24 for station upgrade
31.03.2017 - add Advanced License Upgrade details + NBTC Form.21 for Class upgrade
31.03.2016 -
add Copy RAST Membership card (Front- and Backside) - Renewal
05.02.2016 - add Copy RAST Membership card - License Renewal
12.02.2015 - add Rental contract
04.07.2014 - fixed all links
27.06.2014 - fixed and upload #2 NBTC form
14.06.2013 - add Proforma Invoice to List for Import license
23.12.2012 - add Form 2-All-in-ONE Translation as reference ONLY!!! - supported by HS0ZKT
27.12.2011 - add new RAST membership form 2012
08.08.2011 - add Customs declaration form for import license
17.07.2011 - add 1b proxy form
16.07.2011 - add mobil license / add link Singaporean tourist
15.07.2011 - pdf Files uploaded to Server - (pdf of original NBTC forms)