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Title: Survey: international telephony
Post by: ON8JA on May 14, 2008, 09:17:34 AM
I am inviting everybody who makes international phone calls at least once a month to complete a 10 minute survey on international telephony.


Please write the word "HAM" in the comment box at the last question (F16), if you are an amateur radio operator.
This to distinguish and compare the HAM operator group's answers from the non-HAMs  ;)

More info on the survey:

As a radio amateur, and telecoms engineer passionate about communication, I decided on a topic for my MBA thesis that was somehow related to communication technology, with the requirement for the topic to be not too technical and indeed touching commercial aspects.

The survey will be used to investigate the adoption and use of Internet telephony versus traditional telephony methods by consumers.

In the case of HAM operators, the answers might be different from the 'general population' as this group is certainly more aware of technology and long distance communication.  I am looking forward to interpreting the results.

I will publish the outcome of the research on June 15th, by posting a link on this forum.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!