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Post by: (HB9TWK) on January 07, 2017, 03:02:11 PM
Hello from Switzerland, i want send my cubical quad antenna in Thaïlande but want send only the part of fiberglass, all other one in my bag, the taxe i have to paye it's very expensive ? I think i not speaking it's antenna, only speaking it's the tubes in fiberglass. Peoples have any experiences ? thanks for your answer 73 HB9TWK / HS0ZMY Denis
Post by: HS0ZIV on January 22, 2017, 10:23:22 AM
Hi Denis,
I think best idea ist to call/write NBTC first and ask about the regulations. My experince a few years ago was that I even needed a written allowness from them to import spare parts for my Optibeam. If that regulation is still existing than you need their papers first BEFORE you send your parts to Thailand. Otherwise you will get much problems with customs!
Sorry, but I can't remember how much tax I had to pay. Sure ist that you have to pay the 7,3% additional to the import fee.
If they catch you at customs with the antenna parts in your luggage without  import papers you will have much troubles also. Better clear everything with NBTC first to be on the secure site. 
Just my advice!!!
73 Helmut